Third Generation Jewelers Avianne & Co. Take The Celebrity & Luxury Jewelry World By Storm

Clients Include: 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Coi Leray, Blueface, Bobby Shmurda, The Migos, T-Pain, Pete Davidson, the Kardashian Family, Superbowl MVP Von Miller, Kevin Durant, Jalen Green, Cam’ron, Carlos Arroyo, Jada Pinkett Smith and Many More! 

New York, NY – (April 4, 2022) – Shiny, Glitter, Luxury, Celebrity, these are all the words that come to mind when thinking about third generation jewelers
Avianne & Co. It all started with one family and generations of building a dream. In 1999, Izzy and Joe Aranbayev made a bold move to follow in their great grandfather, grandfather, and father’s footsteps and entered the bespoke luxury jewelry design sector. Now, over 20 years later, the company
Avianne & Co. – the brainchild of brothers Avianne – Joe and Izzy are known to be the go-to place for a bespoke jewelry experience. The family business not only creates pieces of art that stand the test of time, but they create bespoke one-of-a-kind statement pieces that have made trends and changed trends, one diamond at a time. 2005 was a landmark year for Avianne & Co. as their fame started to grow, particularly within the hip-hop world. Cam’Ron and his legendary crew The Diplomats (Dipset) became frequent customers for chains and watches, as well as Nicki Minaj who purchased her first giant diamond-encrusted watch from Avianne & CoNicki later brought in the whole Young Money roster to Avianne & Co. including Lil Wayne.  During this time actor/celebrity Jamie Foxx was brought on as a Brand Ambassador and curated his cover of GQ Magazine by wearing the Avianne & Co. King Collection with a black leather strap which launched this collection into the luxury sphere.
Since then, Avianne & Co. has supplied watches, chains, and everything in between for some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports, including Future, 21 Savage, Migos, T-Pain, Pete Davidson, the Kardashian Family, Von Miller (MVP of Superbowl 50), Bobby Shmurda, Kevin Durant, Jalen Green, Carlos Arroyo, Jada Pinkett Smith and many others.

Izzy and Joe emigrated from Uzbekistan in 1985 with their family, arriving in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. They were enmeshed in the luxury jewelry market since the day their feet touched American soil. Their father Boris “Pops” Aranbayev opened his first retail jewelry store on Flatbush Ave, with clients that spanned from Run DMC, Slick Rick to Buju Banton but later formed an extension of the family business with their own wholesale and manufacturing company in the Diamond District called Mair’s Sons with his brother, primarily focusing on gold. Their father formed a successful and legendary business based on what he knew from his own father and grandfather, but his sons opted to take it a step further.

Izzy and I concepted the idea of creating a brand utilizing the platform built by generations in our family before us,” says Joe.  After high school Izzy enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America, spending a year learning extensively about gemology and the infrastructure of the diamond industry. Following that Izzy spent another year working with the International Gemological Institute, to further his knowledge of diamonds and precious stones. By 1999, the Aranbayev family formed Avianne & Co. Following his time at the Olympic Training Center as a professional judo fighter, Joe came on board and as he says he “saw the bigger picture for Avianne.”  Joe made that vision and innovation reality by putting in the overtime to enhance the creativity behind their bespoke pieces. His focus and dedication (and relationships) from Judo helped him excel quickly in his new role helping the company flourish to new heights in the early 2000’s due to his sales, marketing and collaborations with some of top artists and athletes in the world. It was no easy feat to open a storefront in the highly competitive Diamond District, but Avianne & Co. made it work by opening the first luxury class flagship store of its kind. They landed their first big client with R&B group Jagged Edge and understood that to really make an impact, they had to be strategic. That strategy has now been proven as they have become a staple in today’s modern pop culture and trends with the most celebrated musicians, actors, executives, financers, sports figures, and famed influencers.

Avianne & Co. may have evolved into the biggest name in luxury jewelry design, but it came from decades of hard work and determination. Avianne & Co. plan to continue their legacy for years to come as Joe and Izzy are already mentoring their son’s Dylan and Johnny to continue in the Avianne & Co. legacy.  This legacy is proven to live on as the Aranbayev family continues to set trends with their jewelry, creating custom pieces for some of the top celebrities in the world. Stay tuned to Avianne & Co.’s socials below for more information as well as updated on future collaborations.

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