“A sparkly cabaret-style number.” — The New York Times, on first single “Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk”

(June 28, 2022) — Stacey Ryan, 21-year old Montreal singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist is gearing up for a big summer. She will take her beautiful, bubbly soul-pop ballads on the road, stopping in several cities. First up in July Stacey will be opening up for the iconic Duran Duran in London on 7/10 and Paris on 7/20. In August, she’ll kick off with her first-ever headlining tour making stops in her hometown of Montreal, as well as New York City and Los Angeles. For her headlining tour she’ll be bringing along special guest Kira Kosarin. Tickets for the headlining shows will be available 10am local time on Friday 7/1.

Stacey Ryan has the rare gift of turning heartache into beautiful, bubbly soul-pop ballads. “Fall In Love Alone,” her latest single, was written by Stacey about potentially unrequited love, knowing the other person has a hard time committing and hoping she doesn’t fall in love…alone. Stacey showcases impressive vocal runs and harmonies combined with clever lyricism like, “It’s electric every time we touch/ I’ve been living for this head rush.”

Speaking on “Fall In Love Alone,” Stacey says, “‘It’s secretly hoping that the person you’re falling for or developing feelings for is feeling the same way. I wrote this from my own experience last year and having been through it makes the feelings all the more raw & real. The gospel choir type effect throughout the song, the jazzier chord changes, and the lyrics created this different but familiar effect that I think a lot of people will connect to and relate to the song.”

Earlier this year, Stacey broke onto the scene with one of the biggest TikTok stories of 2022 — a lyrical duet challenge that earned praise from The New York Times and turned into an official release with featured artist Zai1k that later led to Stacey signing a record deal with Island Records. “Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk,” is Stacey’s deeply personal account of an all-too-common dating experience. The track is a sparkling piece of soul-pop with effervescent textures, bright percussion, and mesmerizing piano work that brilliantly contrast her emphatic refusal to compromise her needs. Stacey’s latest triumph includes landing the support slot on New York City band Lawrence’s spring tour and a Main Stage hometown performance at the Montreal Jazz Fest.

The Montreal native is poised to deliver a body of work showing the full extent of her songwriting powers and one-of-a-kind musical imagination. A trained jazz pianist who also plays guitar, bass, ukulele, and trumpet, she possesses an undeniable knack for lyrical storytelling, melodies that endlessly wander into unexpected places, a singular sense of rhythm and song structure that wholly reflects her jazz background.

“Making music has always felt like play to me,” she sums up. “Even though it’s happening on a more serious level now, it hasn’t lost any of that playful feeling at all.” She hopes to instill in her audience a similar sense of abandon. “Usually when I’m singing and really feeling the music, my face will get all scrunched-up like I’m in pain, which people have definitely commented on before,” she points out. “My answer to that is, ‘I can’t control it – and if I ever tried to, it wouldn’t be as good.’ I hope people get lost in my music in the same way, and I hope it makes them feel like I’m taking thoughts from their head and putting them inside a song.”

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