RAMOSA shoes featured by International Fashion Influencer Louis Polo

RAMOSA shoes featured by
Fashion Influencer
Louis Polo

RAMOSA is a unique footwear brand coming from an extremely talented and young designer, Samuel Ramos.
The sneakers were featured by Fashion Influencer Louis Polo, from USA to the world:  https://www.instagram.com/p/B0UAZoVHiR4/

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RAMOSA brand published by Louis Polo, fashion and style expert  Can’t get enough of these kicks!
#Ramosashoes is an old school basketball design inspired by the biggest American champions and handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine Italian leather.

When looking for unique footwear based on extraordinary craftmanship, coming from an extremely talented and young designer, Check these #Ramosashoes. Wearing Ramosa’s Retro Basketball shoes.

About the brand and style of RAMOSA
The RAMOSA brand is classic shoes that mesh with today’s style.

RAMOSA is an is an italian made custom brand, comfy, stylish, and definitely worth buying.

About Samuel Ramos

I’m still young, but I want to create a shoe that is known worldwide.
I have always loved shoes and really want to have that passion grow.

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