Mix for Hollywood Records at major Maine Recording Studio

Van Leeuwen posts up at major Maine Recording Studio last night (Mobb Deep, Sony and many more) to and post snippet of ANOTHER mix he did for Hollywood Records on his Instagram.

Check it out here

In anticipation for his upcoming project, rapper Trap Beckham just released his latest single “Sundress Season.” For the new song, he brought on R&B singer Amara La Negra to spice things up. Recorded by Van Leeuwen (Def Jam, Hollywood Records and many more) at Icon Studios, same day as #LittleBootiesMatter (over 50 mil and counting)

Combining Florida and the Caribbean vibes, “Sundress Season” celebrates the hot weather, beautiful ladies, and stylish fashions.

The song is now on Top 40 radio all over and well over 1 million views on the music video alone since it recently dropped.

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