Leron Thomas Shares New Video for “In-Complete” (Iggy Pop’s Collaborator, Rapper & Trumpeter)

“In-Complete” by Leron Thomas – one of the principal players on Iggy Pop’s latest album, Free – is the sibling of Iggy and Leron’s “Glow In The Dark” and “Dirty Sanchez.”
Watch the video for In-Complete” here.  “How many people do we know always having a spiritual rebirth every two days on their Insta, is all I’m sayin’” adds Leron.
“For Free, I really wanted to engage Iggy with a platform that felt fresh for him,” says thetrumpeter, songwriter, rapper and producer.  “As simple as that may sound, it was a big challenge because Iggy’s past music covers so many different sensitivities.  It would be easy to be pegged as someone trying to give Iggy an album cliché of his past, so I wrote what I felt and he took it from there, and made these songs and motifs work. It’s an amazing thing to watch him do this in real time, it’s like a reflex for him.”
Thomas, also a member of Iggy’s touring band, releases music under the moniker Pan Amsterdam, a rapper who was found on the coast of Miami, Florida in a state of amnesia.  As for why Pan Am was found at sea, we’re presently investigating a story where a jazz trumpet player jumped ship from a neo-soul and smooth jazz cruise.  Leron / Pan Amsterdam will be releasing the 3-part EP series Elevator Music, with guests Iggy Pop and Open Mike Eagle.
Pan Amsterdam’s catalog can be found here, including Elevator Music, Vol. 1, out now.  Highlights include “Mobile” (featuring Iggy) and “Kubrick” (produced by J.J. Lear).
Pan Amsterdam’s debut track “Plus One” was world premiered by Iggy on his BBC show, and his album The Pocket Watch was covered in a bunch of places, including The New York Timesand The Wire, where it was described as “surreal, absurd, abstract, shot through with a E.E. Cummings sense of the vibrant and a Le Guin style cosmic abstruseness.”   
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