Kyle Bent releases video for “Just A Little Bit”

If you aren’t familiar, Kyle Bent – born in Jamaica but raised outside Boston since the age of 2 – has been honing his freestyle and songwriting skills since the 3rd grade.  At the time, the now 19-year old was a fan of Ludacris, Andre 3000, and Lil Wayne, but until a friend introduced him to the art of rapping it did not occur to him to try it himself. It wasn’t long before Kyle was recording rap records in the closet of his parent’s home.

It was 2014’s highly acclaimed music video, “Mind Control” that put Bent on the map.   Hip Hop DX noted, “…the burgeoning wordsmith proves he’s a little ahead of his peers with insightful lyrics and hard-hitting messages revolving around perseverance.”  Following the release of the acclaimed track “Higher Power,” Kyle signed with Made In The Shade Records. Since then, Kyle Bent has released numerous tracks and mixtapes and headlined at countless venues and music festivals.


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