Jagged Edge To Launch ‘Views From The Edge’ Podcast, Monday, February 15th

Jagged Edge, in conjunction with MC Mediaworks, is launching an immersive podcast experience airing every Monday, beginning Monday, February 15th, across YouTube and all major podcast platforms titled, Views From The Edge Podcast.
On Views From The Edge, the audience is keyed into the provocative conversation of four sophisticated, seasoned, and accomplished men, who just so happen to be the legendary R&B group Jagged Edge. On each episode, they dish on pop culture, giving their unique viewpoints on life, love, and the music business.
If you’re interested in setting up interviews with Jagged Edge around Views From The Edge, please let me know and I’d be happy to coordinate that with you.
Watch the official teaser for Views From The Edge shared on the official Jagged Edge Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLEz_8YHeFx/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
The podcast intro will provide a birds-eye view of the episode, sure to capture the audience’s attention from the beginning.
The content of this portion will change week-to-week
Trending Topics
The guys will do a deep dive on a few current events and pop culture moments from the previous week.
Views from the Sideline
The guys will dish on current sports stories and popular events ie. notable players signed, a new contract, Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, etc. This segment is primed for timeless debates/discussions ex. (Lebron vs MJ) in the event, there aren’t any major sports in season.
Love vs Money
Each week, the guys will discuss topics related to either love or money and the intersection between the two. Can range from business ventures to personal relationships
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