Hip-Hop Artist YB Makes a Lasting Impression in New Music Video “Expressions”

New York, New York (October 23, 2017) – Since releasing his debut album Salvation in 2013, YB has propelled himself to the forefront of the Christian hip-hop scene. “I want the listener to walk away from my music stronger or more encouraged than before,” said YB about his music’s message. His latest music video for single, “Expressions” is a clear portrayal of his intended goal. The music video delves into YB’s search for inner peace after evaluating past life choices.
“Expressions” opening sequences accentuates YB’s emotional state. When the snare kicks he raps with conviction about personal woes like an open therapy session. His lyrics flow skillfully over the trap inspired drum patterns. The music videos imagery correlates with YB’s compositions. His verses galvanize listeners to love themselves wholeheartedly.
The music video will expand YB’s growing fan base and launch him into a new musical stratosphere. He developed love for hip-hop from the influence of older siblings. His forthcoming project God Still Has Soldiers 2 will be a collection of songs about his upbringing, faith, and growth into manhood. “Expressions” serves as a foreword to a more compelling story.
Artist bio: YB exists in a genre that is often expected to produce songs containing violent or explicit lyrics, but YB silences non-believers with his encouraging messages. He is by no means the only rapper not rapping with profanity, but he has amassed a large following, mostly young kids appreciative of his encouraging messages. With this first album release back in 2013, YB has over 10 releases. Grabbing influence from many different names in hip-hop, YB draws parallels between his music and the music of Trip Lee and Andy Mineo.


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