Hip hop Artist/Model WONDR,Delivers a “Smooth Vibe, and Catchy Hook” on New Single, “All For You,” via Good Music All Day

Listen to “All for You”

The song is a follow up to his debut single, “White Aston.”  WONDR took a love for NASCAR/car racing and passion for music and combined both to write “White Aston,” which, in turn streamed over 500k times (and counting) on Spotify alone The song landed him his first festival billing at Summer Daze Music Festival in Raleigh NC, and validated WONDR, who had previously been in a duo, as a solo artist.

While he has only been performing as a solo artist since January 2018, WONDR’s music has already been streamed over 1.5 million times, he received first sync deal with “The Crew 2” video game for Xbox and performed extensively as a Nashville transplant. WONDR recently moved to LA and has been in the studio daily working on new music.

WONDR’s talents are not limited to music. Over the past two years, WONDR’s modeling career has also taken off and he has appeared in campaigns for Adidas, Ford, UGG, and Russel Athletic. He was also featured as Nashville Lifestyle’s “25 Most Beautiful People 2017.”


WONDR discusses the ambition behind “All for You:”

“I just want to be portrayed as the person I am. I’m a kid from the north but raised in the south around plenty of southern hospitality. I respect my peers and those around me. I’ve always tried to put others before me and I enjoy bringing people together. I enjoy talking with new people and getting to know friends better. I’ve worked hard for everything I have because I know how much I’ve been given and the hardships my family has come from. I take nothing for granted. I always hustle hard because I know someone out there is always working harder. I respect people no matter what walk of life they come from or what others might think of them.”

He continues, “I was never popular in high school and took a lot of heat for dating girls who were. Because of that, I’ve learned how to deal with those who look to tear others apart, and how to related to those who also dealt with bullying or other forms of negativity. This has also made it tough for me to be vulnerable when I am a very emotional person and I tend to pour my heart into things I care about. Music has been a way for me, ever since, to express that vulnerability.”

Raised in North Carolina, WONDR was first introduced to hip-hop when his older brother (now manager) burned him a copy of Petey Pablo’s Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry. From there, his love for music and ability to keep perfect rhythm grew. He played drums and guitar in countless bands throughout his childhood covering everything from Hendrix and Muse to Alan Jackson and Kid Rock. He found his calling writing raps in high school and after spending time in Brooklyn working and performing with artists in the underground scene, WONDR decided he was all in on a music career.

Stay tuned for more announcement from WONDR through the end of 2018 and well into the new year, as he continues his upward trajectory with “All For You.”

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