Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, Kameron Corvet Drops New Song on Toni Braxton’s Album and Preps New EP!

Grammy Award-winning artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor, Kameron Corvet’s song “Don’t Make Me Wait,” (2018) composed on his acoustic guitar was the first significant mark he would make on the industry. The song brought two musical legends, Sting and Shaggy, together to record their collaborative album, 44/876, resulting in a global hit! “Collaborating with Sting and Shaggy remains one of the biggest highlights of my music career. I never would’ve thought a song I composed and co-wrote would become the catalyst for an entire collaborative album or that it would become a global hit,” shares Corvet. The album charted Top 10 in 7 countries, while the single, “Don’t Make Me Wait,” helped the iconic duo win a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.
His latest co-write, “Fallin’,” featured on Toni Braxton’s recently released album, Spell My Name (2020), is already a fan favorite. “I distinctly remember the writing process on Fallin’ and how easily the words and melodies came,” shares Corvet, “but to hear a legendary vocalist like Toni’s bring the song to life is monumental!”
A 4th generation singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, and Baton Rouge, Kameron currently calls Atlanta home. After earning a degree in French from Morehouse College, he began teaching middle school French by day while pursuing his musical aspirations at night. After finally deciding to leave teaching and pursue music full-time, he wrote “Don’t Make Me Wait,” on the couch in his ATL apartment. Corvet’s talent as a singer, songwriter, and guitar player have allowed him to exist between genres as an artist. “When people see a Black man with a guitar, the first thing they think is I’m either a country music artist or a folk singer, and when I fluently start speaking or singing in French, they are totally confused,” he laughs.
Although the pandemic has slowed down Corvet’s international touring schedule, it’s carved out more time for him to complete other projects. In October, Corvet will release Kathy’s Basement EP, inspired by and dedicated to his mother. He has released two singles far, “N-U” and “Give It A Try!” He’s also landed a role portraying Aretha Franklin’s guitarist in Nat Geo’s Emmy Award-winning anthology series, Genius: Aretha. The biopic honors her musical genius, legacy lasting influence, and highlights her social and civic activism. Kameron also hosts two Instagram Live shows: “Acoustically Yours,” a series of live acoustic performances featuring jam sessions with surprise guests, and “Kandid,” a video series of intimate conversations with celebrity friends. He dons his Red Beret to teach “Five Seconds Of French” the Corvet way on Twitter and Instagram.

“With stay-at-home orders, quarantine, and social distancing becoming our new normal, the need to connect has become even more important to me,” shares Corvet. “Like most, I’m adapting to a strange, new reality, and the moments have brought so many other songs and ideas to bring to life.”
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