Gang Starr’s Critically-Acclaimed Album ‘One of the Best Yet’ Now Available CD Format

‘Now Like An Angel You’ve Risen And You Will Stay In My Heart And I Wish You Was Still Living. This Is In Memory Of’!

Gang Starr is undoubtedly one of the most revered, beloved and influential groups in Hip Hop. Over the course of their distinguished career, they became a cultural institution and a brand you could ultimately trust. The group’s “Chain and the Star” logo symbolized power and excellence and it permeated into the cutting-edge music they created. With a handful of indelible classic albums on their resume, DJ Premier and Guru’s catalog has not only persevered but mastered the test of time.  Simply, Gang Starr did not follow trends, they created them.
One Of The Best Yet is many things. Yes, it’s the first new Gang Starr album in sixteen-years and it is a historic event to be celebrated and rejoiced, but it symbolizes much more than that. One Of The Best Yet further cements Gang Starr’s legacy. This literal gift of an album not only harkens you back to Gang Starr’s seminal work of the past, but it re-establishes their impact in a modern-day perspective.
To officially announce their reformation, Gang Starr released the album’s first single and video for “Family and Loyalty,” featuring J. Cole. The adulation and reaction was immediate, palpable and overwhelming! Funkmaster Flex dedicated an entire hour long-tribute set to Gang Starr before debuting the single and a Gang Starr Billboard lit up Times Square as “Family and Loyalty” rocketed up charts and playlists generating millions of streams; Gang Starr and “Family and Loyalty” also became trending topics on social media. J. Cole added further urgency by announcing that his guest appearance on the single he labeled “an honor to be a part of” and “a classic” was to be his last guest feature.
As young adults, music and art brought Premier and Guru together and helped spark a brotherly bond that even death has not broken. Sixteen-years after they released their final album Gang Starr is resurrected with One Of The Best Yet; an ambitious, intense and truly captivating album that you can not only hear; but feel and ultimately connect with. In fact, it’s more than an album, it’s a spiritual cleansing. One that not only grabs your attention; but stops you in your tracks.
Gang Starr’s One Of The Best Yet is now available on all DSPs and in CD format.
Tracklisting & Credits for Gang Starr’s ‘One Of The Best Yet’:
1.    ‘The Sure Shot’ (Intro)
2.    ‘Lights Out” feat. M.O.P.
3.    ‘Bad Name’
4.    ‘Hit Man’ feat. Q-Tip
5.    ‘What’s Real’ feat. Group Home & Royce Da 5’9”
6.    ‘Keith Casim Elam’ (Interlude)
7.    ‘From A Distance’ feat. Jeru The Damaja
8.    ‘Family and Loyalty” feat. J. Cole
9.    ‘Get Together’ feat. Ne-Yo & Nitty Scott
10. ‘NYGz/GS 183rd’ (Interlude)
11. ‘So Many Rappers’
12. ‘Business Or Art’ feat. Talib Kweli
13. ‘Bring It Back Here’
14. ‘One Of The Best Yet’ (Big Shug Interlude)
15. ‘Take Flight’ (Militia Pt. 4) feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx
16. ‘Bless The Mic’
***All Tracks Produced by DJ Premier
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