ENVSN Festival Announces Brand Partners, Speakers and Live Performance Line-up For The Inaugural Event

ENVSNfestival Announces
Brand Partners, Speakers And Live Performance Line-up For The Inaugural Event

Musical Acts Include
Tinashe, Dani Leigh, Saweetie, Zhaviah
DJ Sets By  Kitty Kash, Nina Sky, Coco + Breezy, DJ Lady S And More

Participating Brands And Key Panelists Include FILA, Lauren Simmons, Kappa, Danielle Copper, Hudson Jeans, Gia Peppers, Shea Moisture, PHOLK Beauty, Chastity Garner And Many More

The Two-Day Millennial Focused Festival
Is Set To Launch October 20 – 21 In Brooklyn, NY


(September 25, 2019 — New York, NY)— Today, ENVSNfestival announces the official line up of main stage talent along with key partners and speakers.  The event is slated to take place October 20-21 in Industry City with a focus on women empowerment.   The new festival is looking to gain attention from the next generation of movers and shakers growing up in the tristate area.  The festival is slated to be the premiere event of the year that combines features from this past season’s overflow of young millennial consumer events crossed with the hottest concert and real-talk programming all wrapped into one. ENVSN’s mission is to teach the next generation that vision is power

ENVSNfestival is kicking off the event with a diverse roster of talent from across the musical spectrum – from established superstars to up and coming acts.  Main stage acts include Tinashe, Dani Leigh, Saweetie, Zhaviah and Malibu Mitch with DJ sets by Kitty Kash, Nina Sky, Coco + Breezy, DJ Lady S, Brittany Sky and more to be announced.

Commenting on the wide variety of acts, Talent Director Laura Stylez says “We made a point to listen to our demo. We sat with countless girls in our target audience to hear their wish lists of lineups and worked from there. It was really important to not only bring together the  trending voices in today’s music, but really focus on a collective of women who each show confidence and can speak about their journeys that truly connect with our audience.”

ENVSNfestival founder, Sharifa Murdock adds on, Let’s be honest, each of these girls have an important voice in today’s culture and they are the ones who the new generation is looking up to. We wanted to cultivate an audience who is inspired by the culture, longs for new experiences and willing to learn about how they can achieve their goals in life. Launching ENVSNfestival with an all-female lineup just seemed natural.”

The festival campus will span four floors within Industry City, with two floors dedicated to the panelists and workshops and another two for consumer shopping and activities in beauty, wellness and fashion, with the hottest limited-edition and customized products available to attending guests from brand partners; Urbanears, FILA, Kappa, Hudson Jeans, Shea Moisture, PHOLK Beauty, THINX, EiR NYCHarmless Harvest + more.

While the rest of the millennial entertainment industry has been focusing on the clout of celebrity-driven speaking engagements, ENVSNfestival has been honing in on capturing a roster of real (mainly) women who have success stories of their own that are more to do with self-love and care rather than conformity and the usual beautiful, easy, route to success. Key panelist includes: Lauren Simmons – the only full-time female employee at the NYSE, Danielle Copper – LGBTQ fashion activist, Chasity Garner – Popular plus sized blogger, Gia Peppers – Entertainment Journalist, Tiffany Aliche – Award winning financial educator.

These special guest speakers will be joined by an additional 20 panelists (to be announced) to discuss topics of sex, culture, inclusivity, diversity, beauty, mental health, fashion and more. Each panel will cover hot topic subjects that will help provoke emotions and ideas that will allow the audience to begin thinking about their future and take the necessary steps to become a part of a larger, inclusive movement to shape a better, more powerful female community. Through workshops and mentor meetings, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with seasoned personalities in each of the overarching topic fields.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW: A one day pass is $39 each and two-day passes are $59; both includes all DJ sets, panels, shopping and key notes. For VIP access and live performances; festival passes are available at $149 in limited quantities. www.envsnfestival.com/tickets

The brainchild of fashion industry veteran and life philanthropist, Sharifa Murdock, ENVSN is a new festival inspired by the dreamers, go-getters and future leaders – ENVSN focuses on bringing together a collective of strong, influential personalities who, at the core, believe in the power of women. It’s a collaboration of possibilities where real success stories are used as a platform of encouragement for the millennial minds, alongside unique shopping and music experiences. The 2-day festival aims to give young women a place to gain access to valuable information and life lessons while also giving them an unparalleled shopping and music experience from trending brands and artists.

As a Brooklyn native, Sharifa is grounded in the world of women empowerment and giving back to others. From her early days in retail to her current co-founded global business venture she has always found a way to converge her fashion experience with the things that mean most at heart. ENVSN is the true embodiment of her personal and professional reflection and aimed to bring the next generation together to build support systems, female-driven networks and general access to experience that will help shape their futures. Ventures Include: Co-Founder at Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fairs; Founder at the Brooklyn Intern, Active Member of 14+ Foundation and Africa Health Now

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