C DUNCAN’s Surreal Bingo Night – “Talk Talk Talk” Video OUT TODAY!

“C Duncan’s Health is a stunning evocation of the end of a relationship… a beautiful if troubled listen, one that hones in on the final days and weeks of a relationship, and its impact on his life.” – CLASH 

Health continues to push forward, pairing the spectral melodies and lush harmonies of past outings with club-ready beats and flourishes of snappy R&B (4 out of 5)” – Allmusic

“[Health] starts out with a fun beat and gets more addictive as it goes on.. It’s fun, yet sincere, with top-notch compositions and arrangements that make it one of the best indie pop releases of 2019.”

“… an indie-pop masterpiece” – Substream Magazine


Unveils “Bingo Masterpiece”

“Talk Talk Talk” Video Premiered on CLASH

Released at the end of last month via FatCat RecordsC Duncan’s highly-anticipated third album HEALTH sees the Scottish multi-instrumentalist ditch his bedroom studio and work with other producers, engineers and musicians for the first time. Warm and harmonically rich, Duncan delightfully juxtaposes the vibrant and wholesome aesthetic of the album with an often-darker lyrical undertone, pushing himself to refine and explore new ways of writing. As the sole protagonist of his self-carved niche, Duncan evolves and expands his music’s parameters in mesmerizing fashion. The latest single “Talk Talk Talk” documents the trials of rebuilding fractured relationships. Out today, Duncan had this to say on it:
“The video for ‘Talk Talk Talk’ continues in the same vein as ‘Impossible’. It’s off the wall and fun, which matches the nature of the song perfectly. The use of colour and lively imagery juxtaposed with the reality of the setting work well in creating a surreal world that is both tongue and cheek yet emotive”

Following the Mercury Prize-nominated debut Architect (2015) and its impressive follow-up The Midnight Sun (2016), Health’s soaring tapestries achieve what Duncan set out to do. “With album three, I wanted to take a more direct approach, adding even more layers but thematically and lyrically laid bare. Having someone else to bounce production ideas off was really eye-opening for me. In the past I had been very controlling about how everything would sound but Health really showed me the benefit of working with others and made the whole process much less isolating,” he explains.

Packed with fresh ideas and buzzing with invention, Health combines syncopated art-pop piano rhythms with breezy, undulating heartbreak ballads executed with acute precision. As always Duncan has contributed all the artwork surrounding the release, and the colorful and natural aesthetic is reflected in the instrumentation and lyrics.

Health was produced by elbow’s Craig Potter and was released on March 29, 2019 via FatCat Records.

Album Track listing

1. Talk Talk Talk
2. Wrong Side of the Door
3. Impossible
4. He Came From The Sun
5. Holiday Home
6. Health
7. Somebody Else’s Home
8. Blasé
9. Reverie
10. Pulses & Rain
11. Stuck Here With You
12. Care

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