Award-Winning Documentary on CHUCK RAGAN Gets Wide Release

Award-Winning Documentary On 


Gets Wide Release

A formidable presence on the stage but, more recently, an even more commanding fisherman, folk troubadour CHUCK RAGAN is the subject of LANDSICK, an award-winning documentary that was released last year and is now getting a wide release via YouTube. A consummate angler and guide, Chuck’s skill at fishing is the center of LANDSICK, a short film from Costa Sunglasses® and filmmaker Matt Devlin and producer Peter Vandergrift.  Winning the award for Best Story at The Drake’s 12th Annual Video Awards, the documentary chronicled Chuck’s delicate balance between music, his family, and his fishing.

“I believe that even though we made this film close to two years ago, the balance that this piece hinges on has always been apart of my life in one way or the other,” says Chuck about the documentary.  Interspersed with musical blasts of his solo material as an Americana icon, the 12 minute documentary captures a moment in Chuck’s ever evolving life.  “Becoming a dad, taking a leap of faith half way through my life and more or less starting a new career has been a bit of a struggle but the fact of the matter is, guiding and being on the water keeps my mind at peace as well as close to home to my family,” he continues. “Living a life of working non stop between the road and the water is tough on my family and I which is why it’s so important for me to continue the best I can trying to find that balance between two independent occupations that have very little security.”

“The film LANDSICK started as a simple conversation between three people in a drift-boat near Missoula, MT – [Producer] Peter Vandergrift, Chuck Ragan and I,” explains director Matt Devlin of PMD Productions.  Noting Chuck’s tireless and genuine dedication, he notes, “Looking back on that day, it was a perfect harbinger of things to come; Chuck had played a gig in Canada, driven through the night, caught a few hours of sleep in the cab of his truck, met us on time to fish all day and then play another show that night!  Filming LANDSICK alongside Chuck on his Spring tour taught me to live more fully, to squeeze nearly everything I can out of life, because to be human is such an unpredictable endeavor.  Chuck as an artist, father, and angler walks what he talks, plain and simple.  In the wake of filming and crafting this project, I am a friend richer.”

Capturing the award for Best Story at the Drake Film Awards was certainly an achievement that wasn’t even considered. First and foremost, Devlin and the production team wanted to capture a snapshot of Chuck but what they got was much more than they bargained for. Weaving music, fishing and his family life – including scenes with his wife and newborn son, they constructed a film that carries artistic merit as well as a poignant and emotional heft.
“Sometimes I wonder if a consistent balance could even exist with these two lines of work along with being a present dad and husband,” muses Chuck. “I do know that just as concerts sometimes get derailed and somehow make it back on track or when an unpredictable day on the water with unfamiliar clients turn into an epic session with moments and memories of a lifetime, anything is possible. Nothing is easy and nothing is really free.  Everything worthwhile and beautiful is worth struggling and sacrificing for and the days I have where I work myself to the bone and find my boy running up to my truck at the end of the day makes it all worth it.”
“I knew Chuck through the fly fishing world but never knew about his other facets,” says Peter Vandergrift, film producer and fly fishing community leader for Costa Sunglasses. “I was blown away when he started telling stories about his music and upbringing and thought viewers would be interested. It was important to get the story right so Matt and I spent countless hours, some of those secluded in a cabin up Rock Creek, working and reworking the narrative. I am proud this paid off with recognition from the fly fishing community by winning  the Drake Film Award for Best Story.”Adds Matt, “LANDSICK is the most ambitious and most fulfilling project I have been involved in as a filmmaker.  Getting it right was so important to all those involved and I think the film has a realness and a resonance that I can be proud of for years to come. To be recognized by Drake Magazine and winning the ‘Best Story’ award was huge.  We are all humbled by the recognition by what can only be described as the “Oscars of Fly Fishing Films.”  Looking forward we have a few projects we would like to bring to life if timing and funding permit!.”

As the film gets a new burst of life with a wide release, Chuck won’t be resting on his laurels and taking a break from everything. In fact, for Chuck, his hectic schedule continues on as normal. Aside from his full-time job as a dad, he finds himself on the water far more than he is on the stage (which considering he has two musical personas – as a premier Americana solo artist and frontman to the punk legends Hot Water Music – is two full-time jobs each) is also a member of the California Bass Union ( ) Costa Pro, Hatch Pro, Loon And Echo Ambassador as well as a Martin Guitar Ambassador.

Hot Water Music is currently on the road celebrating their 25 year anniversary with a number of weekend shows and writing a new album together.  Chuck is also currently writing music for his next solo album as well (release date: TBD).

Chuck Ragan grew up in the Southeast and was raised by his Louisiana and Florida-bred Southern family. He played his first solo show over 25 years ago and has been writing heartfelt campfire anthems ever since he picked up an acoustic guitar at the age of 12. He has toured the world with seminal punk band Hot Water Music as well as with his own solo career. In addition, Ragan conceptualized The Revival Tour in 2005, which has been one of the most anticipated tours throughout North America, Europe, and Australia since its inception in 2008. Ragan has toured the globe extensively for the past two decades and has become a household name in both the folk and punk communities.

LANDSICK was funded and released by Chuck Ragan and Costa Sunglasses
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