Billboard Graphic Design

Billboard graphic design is a type of large format graphic design. Billboard graphics are designed to catch a person’s attention and create a ultimate impression in few seconds while traveling from one place to another. Since billboards are typically displayed on major highways, it is important that the graphic designs are attention grabbing and the text is legible.

At Day 1 Productions Advertising, we know that people often view billboard advertisements at high speed and therefore, design billboard graphics with just a few words in large print, and an high quality color image. For every customer we develop a variety of billboard graphics designs to choose from so you are sure to reach your goal of getting your message across and developing new customers.

Day 1 Productions advertising is a full service billboard advertisement and graphic design company in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and New York. Day 1 Productions offers billboard coverage in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and New York. Day 1 Productions Advertising allows the advertiser to choose the locations that will work best for their company. You cannot turn the page, or change the channel on a billboard…..people will see it! Layout and design services are available to the customer. We work with the customer to design an attractive and memorable billboard advertisement.

Whether you are looking for specific directional billboards or general advertising for coverage, Day 1 Productions will point your business in the right direction.

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