Kanye model + artist Elah Hale – new single & video – listen if you like Solange, Blood Orange, Ella Mai 

Breakout singer, Elah Hale, releases a spiritually freeing anthem and the accompanying visual for the track “Posters.” Now 20-year-old Elah and her music have grown smarter and wiser from where she was three years ago, when she first signed with Interscope. The head-bopping track showcases Elah and her best friend getting away from life and enjoying themselves while on a road trip to Vegas.
Proving that quality time with friends can heal all wounds, Elah states that the song, “… is about the freedom of separation, taking space and saying ‘hey I’m focusing on me now.'” For her, the video was an absolute break where going to Vegas with her best friend and having genuine fun, was the perfect remedy for any heartbreak blues. These confidence-boosting lyrics and matching carefree video allows Elah to show listeners that it’s okay to not wallow in sadness, sometimes all we need is a road trip and to kick back with our closest friends.
More on Elah Hale:
Raised in New York, Elah Hale is unsurprisingly wise beyond her years bolstered by a supportive push
from her parents early on to pursue music. She took up guitar at the age of five and enrolled in MILES
(Music in the Lower East Side Program), recognizing her penchant for singing and writing songs by seven.  In 2015, she shared the free-association song “Porsche, Hat, Cloud” on Tumblr which went viral with hundreds of thousands of notes, allowing her to recognize her music’s capacity to capture a widespread audience.  Discovering Bandcamp soon after, she felt empowered by the ability to share her work publicly and purposefully took on the onus to advance her music career. She often recorded herself singing and playing guitar in one take on her iPhone, later paying out of pocket for studio time to elevate her sound. Additionally, she cites her time as a theater major at Bard College where she performed live and surrounded herself with like-minded friends as a formative personal and artistic experience.
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the young singer is fearlessness in the face of change and
transformation. Blossoming from a self-sufficient songwriter into a professional recording artist in the
midst of finals is no small feat. She decided to leave school to pursue her life-altering dream, releasing her first single “In the Party Alone” at the end of September (coincidentally written during a college spring
break). The ballad is a collaboration with producer Daywave which highlights her knack for infectious
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