For booking complete the Booking Form on the booking page.

For all other inquiries please contact us at:

Day 1 Productions, INC
Tel: (240)425-2193 or (240)593-7519
Fax: 301-589-1111

5 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Cliff Pagdilao

    Are your talent pricing on the current side?

  2. Im the President Of The Worldwide Fleet Djs and we are having our annual Fleet Djs Music Conference in Charlotte North Carolina July 25-28 th and was wondering if you would like to attend . Feel Free to contact me with any questions .

  3. Let’s collab…..The Upbeat Show is back on ABC this fall…..we’re looking for Up&Coming acts to appear on our show……..some of the acts you have can appear….on the show …we have a 1k package….IF you have artist that will pay the 1k you can offer them whatever you’re doing plus an appearance on the show….the 1k package will make YOUR company a sponsor of the show….therefore….getting you more sells…because the artist will appear from Your site…this will work perfect… click the links to check out the show’s history… IT’S BACK ON ABC THIS FALL..BECOME A SPONSOR…THIS WILL BE A GREAT PRIZE TO ADD TO YOUR ARTIST…

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