For booking complete the Booking Form on the booking page.

For all other inquiries please contact us at:

Day 1 Productions, INC
Tel: (240)425-2193 or (240)593-7519
Fax: 301-589-1111

11 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Cliff Pagdilao

    Are your talent pricing on the current side?

  2. Im the President Of The Worldwide Fleet Djs and we are having our annual Fleet Djs Music Conference in Charlotte North Carolina July 25-28 th and was wondering if you would like to attend . Feel Free to contact me with any questions .

  3. Let’s collab…..The Upbeat Show is back on ABC this fall…..we’re looking for Up&Coming acts to appear on our show……..some of the acts you have can appear….on the show …we have a 1k package….IF you have artist that will pay the 1k you can offer them whatever you’re doing plus an appearance on the show….the 1k package will make YOUR company a sponsor of the show….therefore….getting you more sells…because the artist will appear from Your site…this will work perfect… click the links to check out the show’s history… IT’S BACK ON ABC THIS FALL..BECOME A SPONSOR…THIS WILL BE A GREAT PRIZE TO ADD TO YOUR ARTIST…

  4. Hello,

    My name is Annabelle Busia and I will be graduating from Frostburg State University with a degree in Mass Communications with a focus in event planning and a minor in Public Relations this coming May. I was wondering if you may have any positions open in the area of event planning, marketing, or promotions and public relations. If so, please let me know and I would be more than happy to send over my cover letter and resume. Thank you, and have a great day!

  5. i just want a shot in the studio

  6. Enrrique Escanlante

    This Day 1 Pro service was horrible. The videos that they took were all dark, it didn’t have the sound. These people promised that they were going to video tape the whole 5 hour party and instead of at least hour long video of the party I got 15 of a video. A video that was dark and had no sound from the actual party, instead they put a horrible song for sound. The video wasn’t even right side up, it was tilted to a side. Instead of video taping they were over there eating and drinking and enjoying the party for most of the time when you would think that they would video tape and do their job that they were being paid for. These people offer you so much before paying them but once you pay them they do a horrible job. They were a disaster! They didn’t even get to the party on time. These people are dishonest and do not keep their promises.

  7. Im looking for a manager. From Chicago came to texas to play football but I was kicked off of the team because I rapped and some “offensive” tweets. It got some coverage from the local news KTXS. After they banned me from campus and kicked me out of school I used my student email account to send an email blast to everyone on campus

  8. tired of being spammed

    PLEASE… for the love of whatever gods you believe in… STOP sending me emails… please. I’ve replied to your emails MANY times, and gotten nothing but sarcasm in response. I don’t care about the celebrities/bands/acts/etc you promote, nor am I interested in your events.

    Please remove me from any and ALL mailing lists.

    thank you

  9. This company if nothing but fraudulent. They are dishonest, unprofessional and just rats all around. Their business is borderline illegal. Everything they do is below mediocre, the event recording was horrible, I would get a better film if I gave my 7 year old cousin an Iphone and paid him with chocolate. I just can’t understand how this business is still running, they should be either out of business or in jail! They cut around corners on everything they do. I just can’t say enough negative things about this “company.”

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